Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why the duck club isn't for sissy dogs...

I decided to go to Marion this weekend to see my niece and nephew play basketball and do a little baby furniture shopping, or scouting as I like to call it. In the meantime, Greg was invited by a friend of his to duck hunt in Augusta at their duck club. He was thrilled to get to go, but had to either find "child care" for my dog, Roxy, or take her with him. You see, I normally would take Roxy to Marion with me-- as everyone in Marion likes her better than me anyway. But, I worked in Forrest City on Friday and decided to drive to Marion after work.

So, I got a phone call late Friday night from Greg saying Roxy was on her way to Augusta with him. I'll be truthful. I thought Greg was probably lying to me and just left her outside in Cabot. He and I don't share the same doggie care philosophy. He thinks our pet (ie first child) can stay outside all night by herself. "She's a dog," he says. I, on the otherhand, do not subscribe to that philosophy and bring her in to sleep at night. So, anyway, all Saturday long I thought she was really outside in Cabot. To my suprise though, I arrived home Saturday night to find my Roxy smelling worse than just about anything I've ever smelled. She apparently had taken a roll in the field and perhaps the pond. She smelled like DEAD FISH. My dog, a pris-pot, is not used to smelling like dead fish -- nor would I want her to be used to that.

So, we had to carry her inside and bathe her in the tub. It was just too cold to do the standup, waterhose spray down we usually do. AND, I think she'd need a little more scrubbing that than method allows. I've attached some photos of the scrub down.

Oh, and she wasn't the only muddy dog I wresteled with that evening. On the way home, I found our neighbor's golden roaming the streets. With my doggie soft spot and my affection for Golden's, I decided to throw her in my car and take her home. She was COVERED in mud...and now, so is my car! Oh, well...I'd hope they do the same for Roxy!

Doesn't Roxy look so sad to be so stinky???