Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day of bubbles!

Since it FINALLY warmed up a little outside, I broke out the bubbles for a little outdoor fun. Jake, in just the last week, has become a man obsessed with bubbles. He'll just walk around the house saying, "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles." So, cute! While it was snowing, or should I say - while we were under blizzard alert, I let him play with the bubbles in the guest bathtub. So, when I offered bubbles on Saturday, he immediately ran to the bathroom. Apparently, that's where the bubble action goes down. :)

He was more than pleased to come outside though, and the fresh air was good for the parents too!

These three pictures are funny to me. We had just started playing, and I ran inside to get the camera. Apparently, I was distracted in trying to catch the moment on film and missed the fact that Jake was trying to DRINK the bubbles! :)

Jake hasn't really grasped that he has to put his mouth NEXT TO THE STICK and blow.