Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Jake!

The greatest gift I could ever receive arrived Tuesday, July 28 around 8:30 am! Jake weighed 8 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. For now, he has light brown hair and blue eyes.... he is quite handsome, but then again I am a little partial. Jake was a breech baby, so he arrived via c-section. Greg got to see it all and was quite the trooper. The surgical team named him "picture guy!" He ran back and forth between Jake and I the entire time- ensuring I got to see Jake immediately. I will always be grateful for those pics!

Since we've been home, things around the Veazey house have been quite different! No more---just going to bed! Bedtime takes about an hour and ironically only lasts 2-3 hours.... then, its back up again! This tiny guy requires ALOT of food! But, despite all the change, we feel so blessed!

So, you might ask...what has Jake been up to? Well, besides eating, pooping and sleeping-- not much! He has had a constant stream of visitors--- which we are thrilled about! He has been endlessly loved on by our families, and he has been to the doctor a couple of times! He has also made trips to Target, Kroger, Starbucks, Babies R Us, and the photographer. Yes.... at 2 weeks of age, he has had his first photoshoot! The first of many I am sure (see note above about being handsome!) :) Dad got to have his pics taken first with Jake and Mommy is so glad. Jake pooped and pee'd on Dad in the first 5 minutes... oh the joy of taking pics with no diaper on!

Jake loves his daddy and the fact that he is the best swaddler in Lonoke county! He also loves when his daddy lets him chew on his nose! Jake has loved his bouncy seat from day one and is slowly coming to like the swing. He will sleep in his bassinet...IF you agree to feed and swaddle him first. He smiles alot and has the hiccups nearly every day! All in all, Jake is a great baby...but then again, I am partial. That's what 39 weeks of pregnancy will do.

I am posting some pics of Jake's first 2 weeks. He is two weeks old today! Happy birthday, baby boy!

My niece made Jake this FROG. (Fully Rely On God). We kept it next to Jake while he slept!

This is my reaction after hearing Jake cry for the very first time! It was awesome!

Jake after being cleaned up!

Daddy holding Jake's hand as they clean him up.

Life is so tough! :)


Leaving the hospital
Day three of Jake's life!

Holding Jake in Recovery.

Greg's sister's little boy, Caden, holding Jake. Aren't they sweet!