Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing like a weed!

Our little Jake is really filling out! I have a very scientific way of weighing him... get on the scale without him and then with him! So based on these findings, I predict he weighs a little over 11 pounds!

He has been going to Sunday school and church with Mom and Dad and is better every week! Jake is also picking his little head up while on his tummy and holding it steady (for a little bit) while holding him. He smiles a lot more and is discovering his tongue...very cute!

We are so proud of him and just can't believe how much he changes every day!

Jake and Miss Kate meeting for the first time. This picture was taken at Jennifer and Kate's baby shower. Kate is a week younger than Jake and is just beautiful! And no...that is not a farmer's tan on my arm! Just the flash! Picture courtesy of Staci Carson. Thanks, Staci!!
His church bib!

My little man!

Talking to Daddy!
Trying out some tummy time... but just too pooped to do it!