Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, we were lucky enough to find out that we’re having ANOTHER BOY!  I went to the doctor on Monday for some routine lab work and the sweet lab tech asked the ultrasound nurse to sneak me in!  As soon as she placed the wand on my belly, I knew! 

I’m thrilled Jake is going to have a little brother.  Two boys, two years apart!  My prayer is that they will be best friends!

16 weeks

No real other news, except a few funny Jake stories I want to record for my own memory.

Jake has been sleeping in, so on the days I can – I let him sleep until about 7:45. I just get him up, change his clothes and he eats cheerios in the car. Well, I walked in this morning to wake him up and he peaked out from behind the covers and said “Get out, Mom!”  This boy likes his sleep!

Jake is still really into books.  He LOVES to sit and read to himself, but this love affair with literature (I use that word lightly) has extended bedtime by a good 20 minutes. We finish a few books and then he wants to go get more!!  My sweet boy….(soon to be boys!)

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