Saturday, December 14, 2013

Spence Family Christmas 2013

This year, we hosted the Spence Family Christmas (my dad and his brothers) at our house.  My uncle Ronny and cousins Sarah and Brian couldn't make it - but we had a good time.

Tis the Season for School Christmas Programs

The boys both go to Faith Baptist Academy in Cabot.  Jake started there when he was about 15 months old, so we've been there for a few years.  Both boys thrive at their school, and we adore the teachers.  The Christmas program was so sweet this year!

 Our FAVORITE toddler teacher, Mrs. Dodi, had these babies looking good!

 Jake and Jack looking much older than I would prefer. 
 Sterling, Jake and Jolee
 Emalee, Jolee and Jake
 Its impossible to get a picture of these four cousins. Jack - age 7, Ben - age 2, 
Jake - age 4, and Eli - age 1.
 Nana showed up with an early present for the boys…TRACTORS!!