Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prayers are Heard

This post doesn't have any pictures or funny stories about my kids. It's just my observations from today about prayer... And that definitely seems noteworthy, or should I say- blogworthy!

A dear friend has asked me to pray for a situation in her life for a while now. I will keep details off the World Wide Web for now, but hopefully will have the freedom to soon share this wonderful story!
I have been diligent in my prayers for this sweet family. And despite all odds and despite any predictions we on earth would have about how this situation would resolve, God has prevailed. Our prayers were answered. Let me tell you, the request was BIG.

So, this has been on my mind- but especially this week. Then, today- as I got the boys ready for school, Jake noticed I was sick. I told him I was going to the doctor later today and without hesitation, he says "you don't need to go to the doctor, I will pray for you." Just like that. My baby boy reminds me that you have to BELIEVE prayers will be answered. Pray with all intentions that if you ask- it will be answered. There is a reason we are instructed to have "child-like faith."

So tonight, as I pray- with all new requests- I will be gently reminded of his grace and mercy.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Go Cards!

Our good friends, The Tarbutton's, were kind enough to think of us when they had some extra Cardinal tickets laying around! So, the grandparents did what grandparents tend to do and saved the day!

My parents kept the boys in Marion so we could enjoy Saturday in St. Louis!

The boys LOVED it!! Playgrounds (multiple playgrounds, multiple times), Sonic stops, movies and cousins. It's what little boys are made of apparently.

Meanwhile, in ole St louie-- we were shopping, playing golf, eating hot dogs and cheering on the cards. It was just what all four of us needed!

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