Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Its been a very busy, but oh so fun weekend.  We kicked it off on Friday with Jake's t-ball game.  Nan and Papaw made the drive down from Marion to see my little man play.  We had burgers and ice cream afterwards to celebrate our - uh, loss… ha!  Saturday morning, my parents hung out with the kids in the backyard.  We planted flowers, played bubbles, jumped on the trampoline, played hop scotch, opened Easter gifts…it goes on and on.  The boys adore all four of the grandparents and beg for them to come play!   Unfortunately - I have ZERO pictures of the trip.

Saturday afternoon, our good friends - The Hills - invited us over for an egg hunt.  The boys had a fantastic time!  This was Eli's first time to really "get" the egg hunt, so it was a lot of fun watching him!

But, the fun wasn't over yet - we then headed to our friend's - The Moore's!  They were hosting a huge crawfish boil.  Jake has been best friends with their daughter, Jolee, since they were Eli's age.  These two play so well together and always have a good time.  Eli tries his best to keep up!

Sunday morning, we went to church and enjoyed our family there. Greg and I, along with his preschool teachers, have worked really hard to keep the meaning of Easter pure for our boys.  Jake will readily tell you that Easter is about celebrating our Savior and the bunny is just the silly part.  In fact, this week, he asked me - "so, if Easter is about Jesus, what's the bunny about?"

After church, we went to The Veazey's to have lunch, hunt more eggs and just enjoy the sunshine.  The boys played outside for about 6 hours straight and loved every minute.  We even got to see Greg's cousins - Amanda and Kristy - and their families.  Seven cousins - nine years old and under - is always a good time!

Its been an action-packed, family fun weekend.  Greg and I are celebrating our nine year anniversary this week, so the blessings continue! :)