Thursday, August 27, 2009

One month!

Its hard for me to believe, but Jake is one month old already! Crazy! This month has really flown by. We've been pretty busy around here, so I thought I'd do a little update on what's been going on...

Jake had his first trip to visit the Spence family in Marion last weekend. First, we went to Jonesboro with Daddy so he could work and then left for Marion. While in Jonesboro, Jake and I hung out at the Woodard's new house. Thanks, guys! It was great to catch up with Lindsey and Jared and see their new place. They gave Jake his first Red Wolves jersey, which he will wear to homecoming this year! :) We had intended to go see some of Daddy's customers in Jonesboro, but Jake had been running a temperature earlier. I didn't want to take him into a clinic if he was starting to get sick. Thankfully, he was fine later that day and we bypassed a "first sickness!" I know I'll freak out when that happens....

Jake says, "What? This doesn't say Razorbacks?!?!" haha...just kidding Woodard!

We spent Friday night and Saturday in Marion. Jake had some quality time with his Nan and Pappaw, his uncle Kevin and Aunt Tonya and cousins, AND Greg and I got some quality SLEEP! Pappaw filled in for me during the late night feeding, and it was WONDERFUL! You forget how great a full nights sleep can be!

Another lesson learned-- you can't pack light with an infant! I swear, we packed the entire house for a two day trip to eastern Arkansas! I'm slowly learning what is necessity and what isn't, but as soon as you leave something at home- YOU NEED IT! So, for now, we take it all. Sometimes that leads to a 30 minute ordeal just to get out the door. Pretty pathetic.

Jake with his Nan (my mom)

Jake with his Aunt Tonya

Jake also had his first play date with Baylor. Baylor, who is only 6 months old and is the perfect size, seemed HUGE to us. Of course, he isn't huge- Jake is just tiny. I don't think Baylor knew what to think of Jake...but soon enough they will be big buddies!

Baylor checking Jake Jake screams! nice.

I also celebrated my 29th birthday this week. Every year, Greg asks you feel 28 (insert year)? And every year I say...NO!! Except this year! I feel every day of 29 years! :) For my birthday, we went to dinner with Helen and Stephen and Brooke and Jay. It was so nice to get out of the house for a while and hang out with friends. Thanks Nana for keeping Jake!

My sweet angel and I on my 29th birthday!

This weekend, we did a little shopping and running errands with Daddy. Daddy is so lucky! He seems to be the only one Jake wants to poop on! ha! While I was in Target making some returns, Dad fed Jake his late afternoon bottle in the car. I was finishing up in Target when I got a call from Greg. "You need to buy some paper towels-NOW!" (imagine a very serious tone). I say,"what for?" (questioning him at his time of panic- not a good idea!) So, as I go out to the car to see what this is all about, I find Greg sitting in the back seat holding Jake away from his chest, a look of disgust on his face and his shorts covered in poop! HILARIOUS! I went back in and bought him some shorts and paper towels. It then took us 15 minutes to get Greg and Jake cleaned up. I swear- Greg is the only one this happens to! :)

We go for our one month check up on Monday...more updates then!