Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lake Livin'

We through everything in the car Friday afternoon after work and made a mad dash for the lake. We rolled into Hot Springs just in time for pizza with Greg's family and little Eli's bedtime. Jake stayed up late to play with his cousins and get all that "just got to a new place" energy out!

Saturday morning we hit the pool around 9:30 and played hard for about 2-1/2 hours! Thankfully, Greg's parents were there and were sweet enough to sit with the kids while they napped. Greg and I enjoyed a great lunch lakeside at a local restaurant!!

A few pics of our day!

Jake's cousins- Morgan and Madison are so great with him!

Little man enjoyed the lake from the condo, but he'll be hitting the waves in no time!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

From the mouths of babes, continued

A few weeks ago, I posted some of the cute things Jake says. Since then, I have remembered more and heard new things. In the spirit of this truly bring my scrapbook, I wanted to blog about them so I don't forget!
Bible stories... Jake, like most two year olds, gets some of his stories confused! This weekend, he told Nana he was going to read her some bible stories. "Jesus can do anything, and Noah ate the apple."
Songs... Jake sings all kinds of preschool songs, but he also has his own rendition to a few other songs!
"red solo cup. I fill you up. Proceed to potty. Proceed to potty."
Not technically a song..."hold on, wait a minute, put a little baby in it."
Funnies... "nana, I am tired." nana tells him it's bedtime so he can go to sleep. "no, I think a sucker would make me feel better."
"where is daddy?" me- "at work." "why?" me-"to make money." "so, he's at the bank?"
And because Eli can't talk yet, just a cute picture of him! 4 months old...

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kid-free Vacay!

Greg's company wanted him to work a convention in Branson this weekend. It was held at Big Cedar Lodge, which I LOVE! So, I decided to tag along and leave the kiddos with the grands!

We left Thursday morning and stayed until Sunday. It was wonderful!!! We spent some time by the pool, did a little shopping and even rented a boat for a late afternoon cruise around Table Rock Lake. The food was delicious, and I didn't have to wash any dishes for three days! Wow!!!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, our kids were being loved on by the best grandparents in the world!! Jake spent the weekend with Greg's parents and Eli hung out at home with mine.

Jake and Caden being news anchors at The Museum of Discovery!

Now, we are back at home and getting ready for a busy week! I have to work 3 whole days! It's a tough life, but someone has to do it! :)

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