Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Fall

Fall has finally arrived, and the days of 98 degree weather are behind us for a while (I hope). Our little family of four has been super busy, but has had some very enjoyable memories in the past few weeks.

We had a diaper shower for two ladies in my Life Group (still hard not to say Sunday School). It was great to see everyone and their kids and just enjoy some down time.

This is Jake at the shower looking like such a big boy! :(

The same day, The church hosted a three on three basketball tournament at our new church campus in Jacksonville. Greg came up with the idea months ago and worked like a dog to put it together. It turned out AWESOME and it brought some new youth to the campus for the first time. This is one proud wife!!!

Jake has been doing great at school and is learning to write his letters. He knows the Pledge of Allegiance, loves to tell you about the weather and loves music. He was chosen to get on stage with Brother Bobby to sing a few weeks ago and his darling teacher emailed me a picture.

Eli is almost 9 months old now and is such a ham. He smiles all the time and is a great baby. I am loving that I get to be at home with him so much... Which is the result of an unanswered prayer! God truly does KNOW BEST!

We are also in Halloween mode around here. It's not really a holiday I enjoy, but the kids get a kick out of costumes and we try to make it more about fall and enjoying our friends. Jake has been reading a Halloween book for the past week in preparation! :)
We went to trunk or treat at Faith Baptist a few nights ago and had a great time!

Jake and his sweet little friend Jolee

The holiday season is quickly approaching and my little Eli will have his very first Christmas. Time flies.... For now I will just enjoy the snuggles and sweet moments!

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