Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Work Week

I took off the week leading up to Thanksgiving this year and it was a much needed break from work and travel.  I spent the first two days decorating the house for Christmas and doing a little early Christmas shopping for family.  Monday night, I brought Jake home from school and showed him the tree. His response..”What is that, momma??”  I explained it was a Christmas tree and that “Ho Ho” would put his surprises under the tree during Christmas.  After that – he was sold! Then, he went around to every Santa I have in the house (and I have lots thanks to Nan and Papaw) and told him that he loved him and he wanted toys.  This kid has it figured out already!

christmas tree 2011

We also introduced the “big boy bed” to Jake this week. He slept in his new room, all by himself on Monday night. He did GREAT!  I’m so glad, because I truly thought this would be a battle. He loved his crib and his old room, so I was really worried.  So, with Jake all moved into the big boy room, I’m ready to start on the nursery.   I, obviously, won’t have any furniture to buy, but plan to have it painted and some new things for the walls.  I also plan to re-arrange the room, so it doesn’t look like Jake’s old room. I , for some reason, believe this will make him less likely to be jealous of baby brother ---- who still doesn’t have a name!

Wednesday, Jake and I went shopping.  He tolerates the shopping, because he knows I always take him to “Chick and Play” (Chikfila) afterwards.  Today, he suffered through the post office, a furniture store and hobby lobby before he said, “I done shopping. Where’s Chick and Play?”  I agreed- he deserved a break!

Needless to say, its been a busy few days. I’ve been running lots of errands, re-organizing the house and (I suppose) doing a little nesting.  The next two days will be strictly for eating, watching football and hanging out with family! 

santa pic1