Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soaking up the Sun

Right after Jake's birthday, Greg and I got to go to Hawaii for a week! Greg won a trip with his company, so it was an adults only trip...sorry, Jake! We'll take you someday (when you're 16 and can handle the 8 hour flight!)

The trip - from start to finish was so nice. Well, except the first few hours! We boarded the plan in Dallas to make the 8 hour trek to Maui and realized we were sitting next to the most high maintance woman EVER. I mean, I realize I am not exactly "low maintaince," but wait until you hear this! This lady and her two daughters sat down in their seats and noticed one of them had a "damp" seat. The water bottle the flight attendant left for her as a courtesy had leaked. It was by NO means WET - only damp. He offered to get her a blanket to sit on until it dried. She freaked! She wanted an ENTIRELY new seat! I mean - they tore it down to the metal frame. SOOO...we took off 90 minutes late. Thank you, Mrs. Diva.

Other than that, the trip was WONDERFUL! We thoroughly enjoyed Maui's incredible weather and views. Probably the most adventerous thing we did was paragliding. WOW! We traveled up to the top of a mountain and tandum jumped with a "pro." We glided down to safety - all the while traveling about 200 feet above the ground. It sounds scary - but it wasn't. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and might even let the "pro" do some tricks on the trip down. This time I asked that he just take it easy! :)

View from the helicopter ride...can't get the pic to turn around! :)

Another view from the air! This was a waterfall in Maui's rainforest.

View from the hotel lobby. Again, I'm not smart enough or patient enough to get this picture to turn!

Since we've been back, we've been on the go! This weekend, we took my family to the lake for some skiing, tubing and swimming. We had a blast! I think Ashton and Hunter (my niece and nephew) had a great time.

The 30th birthday cake my brother and sister-in-law made for me. They are so talented!
Kevin, my brother, and his son, Hunter, enjoying the boat!

In other news, Jake starts WeeCare at church in a few weeks. Its hard to believe he's old enough to go to "school!" He'll be there 2 mornings a week. Its a nice break for Nana and eases him into the "school" scenario! I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops this year! At WeeCare orientation, poor little Jake bit a child and the teacher! Then, he whopped another kid in the head. We're hoping they don't kick him out in the first week! :) I'll post more on this later!

While Jake is growing up, so is Mommy! ha! I turned 30 last week! ahhhhhh....the BIG 3-0! To celebrate the big day, we went to WeeCare orienation! ha! Things change when you're a parent I elegant birthday dinners anymore! haha But, Greg and I did go to the lake on Saturday with some friends (Tabitha and Kelly) and enjoyed some kid-free lake time! Greg also sprang for some spa treatments for Tabitha and I. NICE!

Until next time....