Saturday, October 26, 2013

Greg vs The Hogs

Tonight, Greg got to play in a charity basketball tournament with the Cabot Fire Department. They played several old Razorbacks- Anthony Lucas, Broderick Green, Elston Forte, Sam Olajabutu, Ben Cleveland and Van Stuman. Wow! In Greg's words, "I would have PAID to play!" I got to take the boys to watch (thank you nana and Dadoo) and they loved cheering for "daddy!"

We might have been "out-sized"

Greg and Anthony Lucas! He was so nice!

When we were leaving, all the Razorbacks were signing autographs and taking pictures. Jake declined and said -"fireman are cooler, I want my picture with them!" Proud momma moment! We love our hogs, but Fireman are real life heroes!

It's been a long day- we also went to the Pumpkin Patch this morning! Greg was out of town for work, so I did a lot of chasing! ;). Eli was in awe of the ponies!

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