Saturday, February 27, 2010

Social Butterfly

Wow! Jake had a BIG day! Jake was invited to several birthday parties this weekend, but we were only able to make two of them. Jake had a blast! First, we went to Max McNulty's 2nd birthday party. Max's mom, Tabitha, is a friend of mine from Marion. She did an AWESOME job with her airplane theme.... airline tickets for invites, clouds hanging from the ceiling, airplane wings on Max's booster seat, airplane muffins...I mean...everything AIRPLANE! It was so cute. Jake was such a good little guy during the party, and the cutest part- everytime another kid got close to him, he squeeled with delight! Jake LOVES kids! He even gave Harper a sweet! (see video at the end)

Max the birthday boy!

Jake and dad watching the kids play at Max's party.

After Max's party, we went to the mall to get Jake some new jeans. (Poor guy has outgrown EVERYTHING!) We also got him some swim trunks for this summer. We plan to spend LOTS of time on the lake! We hung out at the mall long enough to do a little shopping, feed jake lunch and eat some chick-fil-a! (my fav!)

Then, we headed to Cabot for Jack's birthday party. Jack is Jake's cousin. Greg and Jack's dad, Brad, are cousins. Jack had his party at the Cabot Fun Factory, which turns a GREAT place for kid's birthday parties. They had a cute little play area for babies, so we- of course- let Jake check it out. All the bigger kids (big being 4) were enjoying the blow up jumpers, so I climbed up to the top of one with Jake and let him slide down with Mommy. I'm sure it looked ridiculous...a grown woman with a baby in tow climbing up with a bunch of 4 year olds. (see video at the bottom)

Playing hard in the baby section!

Jake and Jack

We finished the day off with a visit to our neighbors. Nathan and Stephanie got a new puppy - Cash. So, we took Jake over to check it out. Jake wasn't too impressed with the puppy, but he sure does love Nathan and Stephanie!

Hope everyone had a great weekend...we sure did!