Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Year Old Already!!!

Well, Jake is ONE! This year has been the best of my life and the fastest of my life. Time has flown by. I woke up early this morning and laid in bed thinking about last year at this time. We got up REALLY early and were at the hospital for my c-section at 5 am. Greg was excited and nervous. All I kept thinking was - GET HIM OUT! :)

All joking aside, this has been a wonderful year. Jake is precious and a great baby. We are so blessed!

So, Jake - what are you like at 12 months old?

Well, you are 25 pounds, have a head full of hair and a very sincere smile. You are cruising along furniture, walls and anything else that keeps you steady, but you haven't ventured out yet on your own to truly "walk." But, you crawl so fast that you can be out of my site in an instant.

You have a real love affair with remote controls and cell phones. We've tried to buy you play remotes and phones, but you can sniff out a fake immediately. You grab remotes and look around the room for the TV. Once you've spotted it, you hold the remote up and start pushing buttons. If it doesn't change the channel - you push harder and grunt! :)

We're working on weaning you from the bottle and switching to whole milk. You, however, are protesting the idea of having milk (not water) in your sippy cup. Its going to be a battle.

You are finally allowing us to just lay you down in the crib awake at night - which, ironically, I'm sad about. I miss rocking you to sleep, but I know this is best in the long run. I can only imagine how people would talk if I were rocking you to sleep when you're 12. :)

You laugh all the time and love to have yelling matches with Mommy. We have the best time in the car together - you squeel, I squeel. You laugh. I laugh. You grunt. I grunt. It goes on the entire drive home.

Your favorite food is probably grilled cheese sandwiches - especially the ones from Sonic. This works out nicely for Mommy, since I have a slight addiction to Sonic Diet Dr. Peppers. :)

Jake, we love you dearly. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, and I can't wait to watch you grow up. I pray daily that God will help me learn to be the kind of Mommy He wants me to be and that you are someday proud of me.

Pictures of the big 1st birthday party to come!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Birthday Present

Jake's first birthday is in three days! Wow! Time has flown by!! Greg and I decided to buy him a swing set for his birthday...I know...isn't that a big much for a 1 year old? Yes, it is. But, we really wanted Jake to have an infant swing, so we just decided to go all out. Haven't you ever heard that first time parents always over-do it? :)

We bought this swing set MONTHS ago, but we've been way to busy to put it together. So, Greg spent almost every night last week working with his dad on this swing set and had his dad and Jon (buddy from church) over Saturday morning to finish it up. It looks GREAT!

Tonight after church, we showed it to Jake. He had fun swinging and trying out the slide with Mommy's help!