Saturday, June 2, 2012

Perfect Zoo Weather

Today was a great weather day! 75 degrees this morning meant zoo time!!! They were having a special event, so they brought some animals out for the kids to pet!

(this is jake telling the entire crowd that a lion goes "roar!!!!")

Little man had a great time too!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Everyone always tells me to write down all the little sweet and funny things my kids say. It's so true. You think you will never forget, but you look up- its a year later and you can't remember a thing!

Jake is nearly three years old. It doesn't seem possible! He is so fun to be around and asks questions about everything!!!

A few things he had been saying that make me smile...

"whatcha' doin' dude?"

"I dunno!" (and this cute little throwing his hands up)

He wants to know if we are driving on a highway or a road. He asks this All.The.Time.

He asks "why" about everything. "Is it raining, mommy?" "Yes." "Why?" "God wanted it to." "Why?". (you see where this is going...)

He talks about his birthday constantly. He knows it is July 28, but of course- he has no concept that this is just June 1. Bless his heart- he thinks Santa is coming to his birthday. I think all the talk about Santa coming on Jesus' birthday is a little confusing!

He saw a lady smoking in her car the other day and asked me why she was holding that candle! :)

When I stop to get gas, he says the car is really thirsty and needs something to drink. (the car has expensive taste!)

His bedtime prayers are just the sweetest! He always thanks God for his mommy, daddy and Eli. Then, he usually thanks Him for whoever he saw that day. But on occasion, Jake will surprise me and thank God for someone he hasn't seen in weeks. Kinda like they are just on his mind. Of course, he is a typical 2 year old and will thank God for basketball, the boat or candy too! :)

I hope I can I always remember these sweet times. Having two kids two and under is WORK, but oh is it precious work!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We decided to celebrate our country and it's heroes at the lake this year. We loaded up the car (with everything we own because we have two small kids) and headed to Hot Springs on Friday.

We boated to dinner that night with Greg's parents and enjoyed some seafood! Jake and Eli did great on the boat!

We spent ALL day Saturday playing in the water! Nana was an angel and kept Eli at the condo. Jake's swim lessons have really paid off so far. He isn't exactly Michael Phelps, but he has almost no fear in the water! He had a blast!

Here are a few pics of our Saturday morning spin around the lake and a turn at tubing!

Our condo is right next to Greg's sisters condo. She and her family, as well as her husband's brother's family were also at the lake. That means more kids and free entertainment for my 2 year old! By the end of the weekend, jake was thanking God for "the boys" in his nighttime prayers!

We are so thankful for our service men and women. We have plenty of friends who are currently serving and some who have served. We are both proud and humbled by their sacrifices!

Happy Memorial Day!

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