Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots of Updates...

Well, its been a few weeks since I've updated the blog and there is lots of news....

First, we picked a name! Our son will be named Jake Spence Veazey. We love it! Jake is a name both of us have liked from the beginning, and Spence, for those who don't know, is my maiden name. Greg also likes that Jake will have the same initials as he and his dad--- JV.

I also had two showers since the last post. Some ladies in my hometown had a shower for me in Marion. I had a great time--lots of close friends and family came and I got so many wonderful gifts. I continue to be amazed at how generous people are to expecting new moms. My Novartis co-workers also had a shower for me! There are lots of moms in my Novartis group, so on top of great gifts-I always get some great advice too!

All three of us are pregnant and only weeks apart!

Becky, Patty and Cathy - some of the hosts at my Marion shower!
My grandmother, me and my mom at my Marion baby shower

We also went to my friend Rob's wedding. Rob is a friend from high school and married a great girl from Searcy - Amy Jones. Their wedding was beautiful! Of course, it was outside, so it was a little warm, but Amy looked amazing. By far one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen! Its always great to see all our friends together....its few and far between these days, but that's what weddings are for, huh? We also used the weekend to celebrate Jay's 30th birthday! Jay is another high school friend.

Greg and I at Rob's wedding.

Rob and Amy's first dance.

And lastly, we have a birth date for Jake! Our doctor decided a c-section was in order this week, so Jake is scheduled to be here on July 28. Jake is breech right now and not likely to turn. So, for now- that's the plan. Of course, this could all change if he decides to flip! So----- as of today, 23 days until Jake arrives!

Several people have asked me to post pictures of the nursery. Its not quite ready yet, but getting there soon. I promise to post pics of Jake's room in the next couple of weeks! I do have a picture of the bassinet we plan to use. My mom and dad bought Jake a 100 year old bassinet and have redone it for Jake to use! It is beautiful and the bedding my mom made is so cute!

Mom and I with the bassinet. I wish I would have taken a picture of the bedding too!