Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ferguson Christmas 2013

One.More.Christmas.   It's been a VERY busy week(s).  I have been chanting themes of gratefulness in my head so as not to complain about all the holiday chaos.  We're beyond blessed - like the kind of blessed you can't put into "blogger words."  Family on top of family on top of family to visit…. all who love us and our children.  I have a friend who fosters little babies right here in Arkansas that have the exact opposite problem - no family.  So, when I start to feel pulled too many directions and exhausted from the preparation for family Christmas, I remember all the little Arkansas b
abies with no family to fuss over them.  Then…. I realize my First World Problems are soooooo petty.  So, in the spirit of gratefulness….. here are the pictures from our Ferguson Christmas.

 "Baby Jake" - Jake Thornton (age 2)

 Jake (4), Eli (1), Jackson (4)
 Gabriel (2-1/2) and Eli (1)
 Eli (1) and Baby Jake (2) - enjoying some candy together! 
 Eli, Baby Jake and Big Jake - Everyone stops for a picture when bribed with candy!

Left Pic:  Eli (1), Baby Jake (2) and Gabriel (2-1/2)          Right Pic: Eli (3 mos), Gabe (9 mos), Baby Jake (6 mos)

 Dadoo and most of his grand babies!  
 Aunt Peggy pulled a fast one on baby Jake - put his soccer balls in his shirt! :)
Jake and Jackson enjoying a movie while the grown ups played Dirty Santa!

Christmas in Marion 2013

We traveled to Marion the day after Christmas to see my family.  Every year, my mom cooks a non-traditional meal and we open gifts.  My uncle and his family weren't able to join us this year, but my 88 year old grandmother was there!

 A Christmas Favorite since I was a child…. yum!!!! Eli kept saying "one more."

 My grandmother (88) is still the life of the party! :)

 A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE picture of me - but hey - its the only one I have.  Pitiful. 
Nan's grand babies actually posed for a picture this year without tears. Whoa. 

 The year of the Ninja Turtle…. SO MUCH NINJA TURTLE!! :)
 Eli wanted to open every toy and play before moving on to the next present.  

 I found my grandfather's drivers license from the 1950's and framed it with his picture for my grandmother.  When she opened it, she teared up. Its honestly the first time in 33 years I have seen her tear up.  Let's just say - she loved it!

 Kevin gave mom a beautiful Komen Foundation charm for her Pandora bracelet. 
 Daddy and his boys!
 Ashton (16) and Hunter (13)
Eli liked wearing my new scarfs on his head!

We had a fantastic Christmas…complete with Eli being the life of the party after all the presents were open.  He had us all laughing.