Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 weeks and counting

We’re in the downhill slide of this second pregnancy! We’re still not settled on a name, but I guess that will happen soon.  This little guy has measured big every visit, so we went for an ultrasound today to see for sure.   Dr. Taylor was right – he’s a big boy!  Jake’s baby brother is measuring about 3 weeks bigger and is already nearly 4 pounds.  We’re set for a repeat C-section on February 7th!

Here he is sucking his thumb!


A profile shot…


Jake, on the other hand, is slimming up and looks more like a big boy everyday.  He’s doing great sleeping in his new bunk bed and is saying the funniest stuff.  Today, when I picked him up from school, I took him to eat at Burger King and play.  Greg had to go out of state tonight unexpectedly, so we decided to go have a little fun!  The playground at Burger King is definitely made for bigger kids, which – you guessed it – means Mom has to climb into the play gym and help Jake get up and down.  Yea, it was a pretty sight – a 30 week pregnant woman climbing around a Burger King playground.  When we were leaving, he asked to go to McDonald’s across the street and I answered—“maybe later.”  Well – now, Jake’s answer to everything is “maybe later.” 

Me- “Jake, can you sing me a song?”   Jake – “maybe later.”

Me – “Its time for bath, Jake.”   Jake – “maybe later.”

We bought a video monitor for Jake’s new room. I never had one when he was little, but decided to get it when we moved him to the big boy bed across the house. I can hook up a second camera to it for the new baby, so that will be nice too.   I bought one my friend, Tabitha, suggested.  It has a feature that allows you to talk to them from your monitor.  This morning, Jake was in his room playing in his bed. and I spoke to him through the camera in his room.  It was hilarious. He didn’t know what to do or where it came from.  When I went into the room, he was laying in his bed with the covers pulled up. He said – “its talking to me!” He was pointing at the camera like it was a monster!  This could get fun!!   Smile