Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 months and counting

I can hardly believe my "new baby" is now almost 7 months old! Jake is changing so much every day. The Friday before Valentine's Day, Jake started clapping. He isn't doing it all the time, but he likes to show out from time to time. He is still saying "Heeeyyyy," and it is so stinking cute!

As for all the other baby stats people ask...

*Jake sleeps through the night almost every night. He goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps until about 7:00 a.m. We're LOVING THIS!

*He takes four bottles a day and eats baby food twice. We're trying new things all the time, but to be honest- he doesn't care for any of it! He'll eat whatever, but not much excites him! You'd think being the 20 pounder that he is, he'd love to eat. :)

*He sits up great and rolls around when he's on the floor playing. He has shown some interest in crawling. His little legs get going, but he just can't get up enough to get on the move. Trust me..I'm not rushing it! :)

*He favorite toy - the DJ Walker. Its a walker that looks like a DJ booth. He scoots all around the kitchen "jammin out!"

*Jake takes short naps in the morning and usually one long one in the afternon. I'm sure Nana loves that afternoon nap--- I do!

*Jake's temperment is WONDERFUL! Everyone who keeps him brags that he's such a good baby. I, on the other hand, wonder.... does this mean he will be a WILD 2 year old? :)

*Still sitting pretty with two teeth. He acts like he's getting more, but I dont' see any white poking through just yet.

*Bath time=FUN TIME! Jake loves to splash in the water and play with his ducks. I think he's going to be a great water baby!

Jake has his first social outing next weekend. We're invited to not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties on the same day! We are so excited about the parties and this new era in our lives. Jake loves being around other kids, and I know he's going to have so much fun next weekend!

Greg and I are both doing good. We're working alot and staying really busy. Greg's playing basketball at church and a, soon to start, city league. I'm looking forward to the city games, so Jake and I can go cheer Daddy on! Church ballgames start at 8 p.m., and well....we're in bed.

I'm going to New Jersey in March, so I'll be leaving the little guy again. NOT FUN. But, Greg is a great daddy and is in complete control. I'm a lucky gal!

Wild hair! Greg decided to put a little hair paste in Jake's hair! It was hillarious!