Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We've been giving Jake baby food bananas for some time now...he loves them! Well, I went to Marion for a weekend to see my family and Jake got to try banana pudding! WOW - he LOVED IT! Seems his favorite dessert is also his pappaw's and his daddy's! :)

Here's a video of him eating his grown-up dessert! Notice how he reaches for the spoon and his mouth is already open!

Well, when we got back to Cabot, I decided I would buy him some real bananas. I thought--surely he'll love them! I have NEVER seen him look so disgusted. I guess its a texture thing. It was the worst face ever! ha!

In other news, I went to New Jersey last week for work. When I returned home, my husband had a black eye!! I wish I could tell you that he saved an old woman from being mugged, but it is just a basketball injury.

Jake with his Pappaw (my dad)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are! Have a great week!