Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 26 - Its confirmed! We're having a boy!

We were so fortunate to have found out the sex of the baby early in the pregnancy. But, I'll be honest, I've been having a reoccuring dream that he is really a she! Silly as it sounds, my dream/nightmare would have me running all over town trying to return the boy bedding, the boy clothing, and the boy bobby! I'd wake up in a panic everytime!

Friday, Greg and I had our 25-26 week ultrasound. Its definitely a boy! Ultrasound technology is amazing. We saw the four chambers of his little heart, all his little toes and even his nose, lips and chin! I've included a few of my favorite shots! A name for the little guy is still TBD!

If you look in the photo at the right, you can see his little hand making a "peace sign." Cute, huh?!?!

His manly parts! Definitely Greg's favorite picture of the little guy!

A cute profile shot. You can see his little legs are folded up next to his head. Flexible little guy, huh?!