Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Family Tailgate

We decided to take both boys to the Razorback/Kentucky game. Of course, I wasn't brave (or stupid) enough to actually take them IN the game! Ha! We took them out to the tailgate for about 2 hours and showed Jake the stadium. He also got to see Tusk- the beloved Razorback.

I took the boys back to The Cissell's house and Greg went to the game. I am so glad I did- it stormed really bad! Plus, Greg had a great time with the guys.

Razorbacks won big time and the Veazey's had their first of many tailgate experiences!

All three boys loaded up and ready to call the Hogs!

Jake "checking the scores!" ha!

Carrie and Jack!

Paula and sweet baby Clara- just a few weeks old and already calling those Hogs!

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