Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be still my heart....

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have another "freebie" ultrasound at a clinic I call on. People are so kind to pregnant women! Anyway, I was AMAZED at how much the baby has grown. You can scroll down the blog and compare the pictures to just seven weeks ago! The baby now has toes! Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Count 'em! Five little toes on that precious little foot.

This picture will make your heart melt. You can see the baby's little feet just sitting there, all nice and perfect! I'm probably going to frame this one!

And here's the big shot of the baby-- just chillin' in mommy's belly!

I just can't tell you how floored I am at the baby's development. You know this happens, but when its going on in your very own belly--- its just, well, a miracle!