Saturday, July 18, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

I know...I just posted something new, but here I go again! Tonight we went to Jay and Brooke's house to cookout and hang out with the cutest little baby every - Baylor! Greg got some great baby practice tonight courtesy of Baylor Hauk. He got to practice holding him, wiping up spit up and playing! It was great! I'm posting some pics of the two of them and Baylor- who by the way is so sweet and smiles ALL THE TIME! He must have great parents! :)

I swear-- he smiled like this for three hours! So sweet...

Baylor teaching Greg a thing or two about the jumparoo!

Counting Days...

Well, its official. We have ten days to go until Jake arrives! We went to the doctor today and yes- he is still breech. He's cozy as a bug in there and not moving (at least not yet). I'm off work now, which has been wonderful. Its nice to not be in and out of the car all day in 98 degree heat with my HUGE SWOLLEN ankles- or should I say cankles. So unattractive. The swelling has gotten increasingly worse, and the reflux is a nightly routine. I am certain all this is worth it, but for now-it just sucks. :)

The nursery is nearing ready. I ordered some super cute letters off of, but the "J" came in broken. So, we're waiting for the replacement to arrive. I don't think it appropriate to put "ake" up on his you?

I met with the photographer this week. We're going to have his newborn pictures taken the week he comes home. I know-- this sounds crazy-- but this is how she works. I have had several friends do the same thing, and they all survived. I just kept thinking to myself-- what if he starts screaming and I have no idea what to do. This photographer is going think....who in the world let this woman leave the hospital with a child! So, like all new mommies would do- I invited my mother to come along. She can either help me make him stop screaming or distract the photographer long enough for me to run! :)

Greg is starting to get a little anxious. Every morning I tell him how many days we have left. He starts to sweat- I swear. Not because he doesn't want this little guy here, but because he is so nervous! He keeps giving me the same story.... "what if I need to go to the bathroom, and you're not here-- what will I do with Jake?" I guess he thinks fatherhood means never going to the bathroom again? Okay, so I asked him-- who put this concern in your head? (Because seriously, I have heard him worry about this on more than one occassion). John Garner. Yes, John Garner told him, thanks Garner-- you have Greg believing this is the last week he'll ever be able to go to the restroom again!

So, no real pictures to post this week, so I'll just put some in from random moments. I know how boring posts are with no photos! Keep you posted.....

My friend, Erin, with her little girl, Reagan. Erin is expecting her second- a little boy - in September.
Greg with his nephew, Caden. They had been playing ball in the front yard for a while and whether Caden looks it or not- he was having a great time! :)
Us on Father's Day in Carlisle. My ankles are not in this picture for a reason! :)