Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unbelievable story with much needed prayers!

Today, I got an email from a friend. She went to school with a couple whose family's story is probably the saddest I've ever heard. I'll post a brief version of their story, but I encourage you to check out their family blog. I warn you; its going to envoke tears, but this family needs your prayers and thoughts. So, I decided to post it. Surely, the more people praying for them the better, right?

Their first little girl, Madeline, was born in 2003. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer at 4 months of age. She fought the good fight, but died shortly after her first birthday. They then had a little boy, Grant, in 2006, who is doing well. In October 2008, they had another little girl, Annette. Unfortunately, just like her sister, at two months, she was diagnosed with malignant metastatic cancer. It is in her brain and in her spine. The doctors also feel that this is hereditary, so they are now going back to test their little boy. Annette has been given very poor odds of survival (about 10%) and Kirk and Natalie have already done this once. They are strong Christians and are depending on the Lord, but they need our prayers.

The family's blog is: http://www.maxeyweb.com/

Thank the Lord for your health and your family's health!