Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jake’s first spring break trip

Every year, Greg’s parents treat their grandkids to a trip to Memphis.  This year, it was Jake’s first time to go. I stayed home with Eli, but I can’t wait to take him next year.  Jake was hauled all over Memphis and treated to two days of non-stop fun with his grandparents, aunts and cousins!  I had his Aunt Angie (Aunt “G”) and Aunt Tammy text me pictures throughout the trip. 

They started off at the Memphis Zoo and spent all Tuesday afternoon there.  From the looks of the pictures, Jake had a fantastic time!

family pic at memphis zoo

jake and pandajake cadenmadison at zoo

Afterwards, they went to The Rendezvous for some famous Memphis BBQ and finished off the  night swimming at the hotel.  Could a kid get a better day??

jake at rendevouz

pool pic in memphis

The next day, they entire clan headed to the mall for a little shopping.  Of course, they were sweet enough to take my big boy to the Disney store!  I’m sure his little heart about exploded with excitement when he saw an entire store of Mickey Mouse!  They even set him up with some new swim trunks, a hat and sunglasses for his summer at the lake!

jake sunglasses at mall

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and they all live close by! So many of our friends have family out of state and have to travel hours to see them. We are very fortunate to have our boys grow up right down the road.   We’ve got a big weekend planned, so more pics to come very soon! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Eli–6 weeks old

Its hard to believe, but Eli is already six weeks old.  It really has gone by pretty fast, and I’m sure it will just get faster!

Eli is eating well and usually only wakes once during the night.  He is a very happy baby and usually just hangs out and looks around. He LOVES to stare at the lights and smiled at his big brother this morning when we were waking him up.  Precious!

eli five weeks bathtimeeli five weeks old

Living as a family of four has been very, shall I say, busy!  Greg and I usually crash after the boys are in bed each night.  However, we did venture out last weekend and had a great time. We took Jake and Eli  to the Museum of Discovery on Saturday and even happened up on a St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown when we were leaving. It was Jake’s first parade and he is a fan!  Afterwards, we ate at the Flying Fish and let Jake count his “loot” (candy) from the parade.  Eli was knocked out in the stroller and missed all the parade excitement. 

This week, Jake is headed to Memphis with Greg’s parents, sisters and cousins.  It’s the yearly Spring Break trip to the Memphis Zoo.  Eli and I aren’t taking the trip this year, but I’m sure we will next year.   It will be Jake’s first time to spend the night away from home with out us, so I’m praying it goes well! 

jake churchjake headphones

jake riding truckjake st pattys day