Friday, August 5, 2011

Why teachers are special…

As previously mentioned, Jake’s End of the Year party was today.  He officially still has one more week of this class, but we celebrated a wonderful first year of preschool today. 

Jake started to Faith Baptist Academy when he was 13 months old. The first month of so was a little rough – for both of us.  But, as we grew more comfortable with FBA, things got much easier.  NOW, a year later, I have to say – I love it.  The teachers there are patient, kind, Christian women. They love these children deeply and they want nothing but the best for them.  Jake has had Mrs. Dodi this year and she has been such a blessing.  Now, when we pull up to school in the morning, he says “I want to see Dodi.”  Its soooo sweet!   Being a teacher is a tough job. It takes limitless energy, patience and a selfless heart.  (Much like being a mother).  I have lots of friends who are teachers, and I so appreciate what they do everyday. 

The party today was a lot of fun. The kids all got little diplomas and even enjoyed some pizza and cake.  Jake and his “girlfriend” Jolee played so hard during the party that they both crashed for naps right afterwards!  Jolee has an older brother so she plays hard and is rough…which, turns out – is a good thing.  Jake isn’t exactly light-handed! ha!

Here are some pictures of the big day. They are taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t that great. It was a WILD morning for us, and I just ran off and forgot the camera.


                   CAKE!!!                                 The twins – Callen and Cora

kennedyjolee and jake

A not happy Kennedy!                  Jake and Jolee rough housingdodi and jake

Mrs. Dodi, Jake and Chelsea

Thursday, August 4, 2011

LONG Summer

I’ve mentioned on several posts that Greg has been out of town. He left on June 17 for training and has been home on the weekends several times.  Its been a LONG summer with him gone. BUT – he comes home tomorrow night – FOR GOOD!!! 

I’m so thankful he found a new job that he is really excited about, so I hate to complain too much about the training.  Plus, Jake has been such a great kid and, more importantly, a good sleeper!

So, while we’re wrapping up this change, Jake is staring down the barrel at another big change.  He graduates to the 2 year old room in about 6 days at school. Jake LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Dodi.  In fact, as soon as we pull up to the school, he starts saying “hi, Dodi!”   The saving grace is that all his little buddies are going to the new room with him.  We have his “End of Year” party tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post.  I am going to miss her as much as Jake is!

Post pics soon….

Sunday, July 31, 2011

2nd Birthday Bash

Jake had his 2nd birthday party this Saturday and we HAD A BLAST!  It was a Mickey Mouse theme and all the mousekateers had a good time.  This Mouseka-Momma is WORN OUT!

We started off the weekend on Friday afternoon when Greg got in from Omaha. Greg and I gave Jake his gift from us --- a John Deere gator!  He LOVED it…as any little boy would!

gator 1gator 2gator 4gator 3gator 5gator 6

About an hour later, my parents and Hunter arrived to help us celebrate. We had a little birthday celebration at home Friday night, including some pizza and cake!  This was Jake’s first experience with candles, and in my Mommy mind, I thought --- we’ll practice for the big party! Well, turns out, telling Jake to get real close and blow out the candles might have been a bad idea. Somehow he got TOO CLOSE and burnt his little nose hairs.  Poor guy! Here are the play-by-play pics!

birthday cake 1birthday cake 2

birthday cake 3birthday cake 4

birthday cake 5birthday cake 6

birthday cake 7

The birthday celebration started around 10 am on Saturday; and once again, I was reminded of how blessed we are. So many friends and family showed up to help Jake celebrate his 2nd birthday. I tried to capture everyone on film, but just wasn’t able to get everyone.  We had the party at church at the Family Life Center, and turns out – it was a great location. Plenty of room, lots of toys and happy kiddos!  Thank you to all our friends, family and loved ones who spent their Saturday morning with our sweet boy!  What a great feeling….

avery steelmanBen Veazeybirthday boy

adults at partybrad april jack benbrylie and jolee

brylie katecaden scaifechristel and hank

faith theislingfaith and joleegart jd brad

grandpashank caterhunterkevin mom robindiane and tammy]

jack and jake veazeyjack veazeyJolee Moore

jake steelman cupcakekellan rowekristy brylie jake

madison shirronpeggy kristymaggie mcnulty

makaylamax mcnultymom dad jake

morganrowe kidsryan hefner

sabrina and mckenziebirthday boy eating cake

birthday cakebirthday tablebirthday present table

thank you coloring books

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jake! We love you more each day!