Monday, February 9, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Looks like we're having a boy! I found out a couple of weeks ago and have had it confirmed since. Greg is obviously VERY excited. We were actually very shocked to find out. EVERYONE we know is having or has had a boy. So, of course, we thought....we'll be the girl! I, too, am thrilled to find out we'll have a son. I can't wait to start t-ball...years away, yes, but can't wait!

We had a big weekend this weekend too. Greg and I went to Oaklawn with Brooke and Jay, some friends of ours in Cabot. During the 9th race, Greg won $982 on a $3 bet!!! We were so shocked we didn't believe it until we went to cash in. Its the first time either of us has ever won "big money!"

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  1. Congrats on a boy and the big win! Both are awesome~ Hope you are feeling good...let me know if you need any maternity clothes :) I have plenty! I found your blog!!