Sunday, March 22, 2009

21 weeks and counting...

Baby Veazey is 19 weeks away from making his grand entrance! The time is really flying by, but I hear that it flies even faster after he's here. Hard to imagine.

Things are going great with the pregnancy. We have our next ultrasound in about three weeks, so that should be exciting. We've bought the crib and dresser, and I'm anxiously awaiting the baby bedding to come in. I hope I like it! I'm notorious for buying and returning things. I guess if that's the case, I better do it quickly!

Baby Boy Veazey still doesn't have a name, which is driving my mother and mother-in-law crazy. Not to mention, driving Greg and I nuts. Its just such a FINAL decision! I'm sure I'll know when I hear it. Our little bundle of joy does kick like crazy. There are days that he kicks ALL DAY LONG, which I love. I'll be sure to post the next ultrasound when we have it....


  1. Love seeing the belly! You look adorable! Can't wait to hear the name and see the nursery!

  2. Love the pic! You look so cute! I cant wait til I can feel the kicking all the time!

  3. Congratulations, Robin! I'm so excited for you!!!