Monday, September 28, 2009

2 months already!

Jake is two months old today! Wow! We've been having so much fun with our little guy. He has learned to hold his head up pretty good, can hold on to his rattle (briefly) and loves to be talked to when he first wakes up. He also has the sweetest little smile that steals our hearts.

We traveled to Missouri last week for Jake's first play date with John Parker. JP's mom is my roommate from college. He's four months old and sooooo very cute! John Parker even shared his nursery with Jake! He is a very generous baby. :) I really wish we all lived closer. But, even with the 3+ hour drive, Jake was a great baby!

John Parker and Jake. JP dressed for the day... Jake in PJs! :)

JP showing off his excersises! Katy calls it "running his races!" Jake in awe of his older friend!

John Parker getting bored with the photo shoot and Jake starting to giggle. they are both bored!

Katy holding Jake (out cold) and me holding the adorable John Parker!

Greg and I have been pretty boring to be expected! We are going to ASU homecoming in October and are pretty pumped about that! My parents are going to keep Jake in Marion, so wish them luck! Ha!
I also want to post a quick note about my amazing husband... Earlier this year, Greg won Exceptional Achiever at Medtronic! I am so proud. This is a huge honor and well deserved! Greg works very hard and makes an impact in patients' lives every day. He even had a doctor call his manager to brag on his work ethic and his dedication to patients! Jake is so very lucky to have such a talented Daddy!
More to come next week!

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