Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I've noticed some people blog about what they are thankful for on Thursdays. I've decided..that's a good idea! We all need to be reminded of what we're thankful for, so I'm going to do it periodically on my blog!

For my first Thankful Thursday, I'm gonna say I'm thankful for FAMILY! Of course, most people would answer this way, but its so true! I always thought I had a great family and appreciated them for all they do for me. However, since having a baby....I'M SO MUCH MORE THANKFUL! Here are just a few reasons...

1. They love my son the same way I do...unconditionally!

2. Babysitting!

3. They lift my spirits when I feel overwhelmed.

4. Babysitting!

5. They remember my birthday and call me every year.

6. They love me despite all my faults.

7. They are always up for me coming to visit.

8. Babysitting!

I can list tons of other reasons, but I'm being called (Jake crying). I hope you take a few minutes to remember what you're thankful for this Thursday!

This is my niece and nephew, Hunter and Ashton, a few years ago at Halloween. Hunter is wearing his daddy's (my brother) old costume and Ashton is wearing mine! I thought I'd dig up an old Halloween pic in the spirit of the season. ( can't post without pics!) :)

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