Sunday, December 20, 2009

The festivities begin!

This has been a really long week for Jake and I. We went to Marion last weekend for my friend Anna's wedding. (Had a great time!) Then, back to Cabot to see Daddy who had been hunting all weekend. On Wednesday, Greg left for St. Louis for a few days. Jake and I loaded BACK up for Marion. My nephew, Hunter, had a lead in the church children's Christmas play, so I had to see it! Hunter did GREAT! The next day, we went to visit Sarah and Drew and drove back to Cabot that afternoon.

Two days later, Greg, Jake and I headed BACK to the delta for the Spence Family Christmas. We rotate the host location every year, and this year was my brother's turn. We had a great time catching up with my dad's family, who we don't see enough! Jake was such a trooper. There are a lot of little ones on this side of the family, which equals LOTS OF NOISE! Two words....drum set. Yes, my nephew has one, so we got to hear a constant melody of drums all night long. Nice. And I use the word "melody" lightly.

My nephew, Hunter, with two of his cousins- Johnathan and Brody.

Miss Kate with her grandpa - my Uncle Johnny.

Jake and Daddy

Jake in his Christmas outfit from Nan. Greg thinks it makes him look like a girl, but we think it makes him look like a little Christmas Angel!

So, simply put, we have been burning I-40 up! We're going back to Marion on Christmas Eve. I sound as if I'm complaining, but I love getting to see my family. Jake loves his Nan and Pappaw, so its worth the miles and miles and miles! :)

We'll post more after Christmas! I hope everyone has a great Christmas this year!!!

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