Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and Shots...but not at the same time!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year. We certainly did. The holidays are always full of family and DRIVING! We hit up Greg's family in Carlisle Thanksgiving day and headed to Marion that weekend for some time with my fam. Jake was so good the entire time...even with his cold. He's been a little sick this past week, and its really thrown his schedule for a loop. Oh well! He's getting better every day, but now I have it. The cold actually started with Daddy, then Jake and now Mom. "Welcome to parenthood," I'm told.

This picture was taken while Angie, Greg's sister, was talking to Jake. You can tell he's very interested in what she's saying!

The Veazey women

Jake and his Veazey cousins, Morgan, Caden and Madison. All three show Jake so much attention and love! He's a very, lucky little guy!

Jake with his Aunt Peggy. They were doing a little catching up!

Dadoo, Greg's dad, feeding Jake.

Uncle Kevin, my brother, taking a little nap with Jake.
After naptime, it was playtime!

Granny, my grandmother, and Jake

Jake turned four months old on the 28th. He's getting so big and is such a good, little guy. He has a very relaxed personality and loves to smile and talk to anyone! He will just stare at people and watch them sweet. We had our four month check up! Ugh. At the two month check up, he didn't fuss much, but today was a whole different story! I have NEVER heard him scream like that! He screamed for about 2 minutes and then he was fine. While two minutes doesn't seem long, it seemed like an eternity to these new parents. I HATE HATE HATE shots!!!

Jake weighed 16 pounds, 12 oz. (90th percentile)
He is 25 1/4 inches long. (75th percentile)
His head is 16 3/4 inches. (25th percentile)

So, I knew today would be rough...with shots and all. But, I had no idea how rough! Jake really gave me a run for my money this morning! First, he awoke at 4 a.m. laughing and cutting up. He ended up getting upset when no one wanted to join him for his little play time at four am. So, I got up and went in to get him back to bed. I discovered he had busted out of his swaddle and had quite the look of pride on his face! So, I rocked him for a little while and that was getting nowhere fast! So, I decided, in a moment of weakness, to feed him. Finally, he was back to sleep. He slept until 8:15. Greg got him out of bed, only to find he had leaked out of his diaper and he, the bed and his jammies were soaked. So, I ran him a bath...I couldn't take him to his 9:30 doctor appointment smelling like tee-tee! Well, at this point, we need to leave the house in 30 minutes! I had a wet head and Greg was already dressed in his suit. So, I get Jake undressed and quickly set him down in his bouncey while I got the bath water ready. In a matter of SECONDS, he has pee'd all over the bathroom and pooped himself! So, Dad cleans that up while I put him in the bathtub. I'm halfway done bathing him when I noticed MORE POOP floating in the tub! GROSS!!! So, I grab him up and start screaming for Greg! I start screaming, so Jake starts screaming. I'm in my robe, a towel around my hair, holding a naked, screaming baby above a poopy bathtub! Ugh. Now--we have 15 minutes before we need to leave.
So, we take Jake to the kitchen to finish the bath in the sink. Greg gets him dressed, while I rush to finish getting ready. WE MADE IT TO THE DOCTOR ON TIME! Of course, she was 40 minutes late, but that's ok! We love her anyway! he's down for a nap and I'm exhausted! :)


  1. HYSTERICAL - I mean seriously - I AM (well was) LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!

  2. Those kind of things never happen when you have all the time in the world! He's adorable! Can't wait to get my hands on him again. Hope you're all feeling better.

  3. Goodness-it's a good thing those kind of days don't happen often! Hope you all are recovering from the sickness and shots.