Friday, January 22, 2010

6 months already!

As of January 28, Jake will be six months old. Time has flown by!!! It feels like he should still be itty bitty! Jake has been a busy little guy these last couple of weeks. He has mastered sitting up by himself and can do it for about 5-8 minutes at a time. He is also cutting his first tooth! He loves to put his hands straight out to his side when he's excited...kinda like he's prepping for something major! Gettin' his balance! :)

We've been so busy around here that the weeks are really flying by now! I'm heading to New Orleans next week from Tuesday until Friday night. I'm so nervous about being away from Jake so long, so please say a prayer for me....and Greg! :)

I thought it would be fun to put some 1 week pictures and some 6 month pictures to compare his size! He's now 19 pounds (as of Wednesday). Greg and I are madly in love with our little guy and you can see why in that second picture! Who wouldn't love that smile!
Jake at one week!

And Six months later...

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