Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wonder Place

Greg and I decided to skip the lake this weekend and just hang out around the house. So, we planned to go to Little Rock on Saturday and do a little shopping. Well, first - Jake slept until 9:50 am! (we woke him up -- no telling how long he would have slept!)

At the last minute, we decided to check out The Wonder Place. My friend, Tabitha, had given it rave reviews. Well - Jake LOVED it! He was climbing on everything and making new friends. Of course, as I have mentioned in other blog entries, Jake is socially agressive! He likes to just crawl right up and put his hands all over other babies--mostly their faces! I have to stick pretty close so that I can pry him off them when they start screaming! :)

Here are a few pics of our little guy having a blast at his new favorite spot! The first few are of Jake playing with a new friend. When we first arrived there were three ladies there with their kids. One was a little girl 2 months older than Jake -- but you can see here, Jake is twice her size! She was a little, petite asian baby!

Here is their first meeting. This is before Jake squeeled with delight and scared her to death!

Here's Jake flirting with all the women....he LOVES being the center of attention!

She's warming up to him here...but at a safe distance! :)

So, these pictures are in reverse order...but you'll see they show him climbing through a little hole in the play area. He was so proud of himself for getting through it!

Right before we left, Jake made another friend. This little boy is just days younger than Jake! They hit it off pretty good....see below!

We had a wonderful Saturday....hope you did too!

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