Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Birthday Present

Jake's first birthday is in three days! Wow! Time has flown by!! Greg and I decided to buy him a swing set for his birthday...I know...isn't that a big much for a 1 year old? Yes, it is. But, we really wanted Jake to have an infant swing, so we just decided to go all out. Haven't you ever heard that first time parents always over-do it? :)

We bought this swing set MONTHS ago, but we've been way to busy to put it together. So, Greg spent almost every night last week working with his dad on this swing set and had his dad and Jon (buddy from church) over Saturday morning to finish it up. It looks GREAT!

Tonight after church, we showed it to Jake. He had fun swinging and trying out the slide with Mommy's help!

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  1. My mom just told me about your accident last night, and seeing the picture really got me choked up. I'm so thankful you're ok! Loved getting to see Jake and Jackson play together. They are going to have lots of fun at family get togethers! Brylie and Gracen will have to team up together!