Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Jake's first birthday twice - once, the day of and then the Saturday following with all the family and friends. Here are some pics! Enjoy!

My big guy playing at Wonder Place on his birthday!


This little sign asked people to write down what they thought Jake would be when he grew up! I put all the note cards in his time capsule. The plate is a "Happy Birthday Jake" plate I had everyone sign when they came to see him in the hospital when he was born! :)

Greg calls this my shrine to Jake! I had a picture of each of his 12 months (including one from the day he was born!) He has grown so quickly - this project was a lot of fun for me!
His car he got from Mom and Dad! He LOVES it!

Jake with Morgan and Will. They were our neighbors for the last year, but have moved. We're hoping they come back very soon!

Brylie - Jake's cousin!

Aunt Angie (Aunt G), Morgan and Brylie

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