Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holiday Season is Here!

No excuses! Its been FOREVER since I've updated the blog. So, I'll do my best to recap!

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday and got to make all the rounds - Marion, Carlisle, & the Razorback game. Thankfully, the Razorbacks had a big win and the entire weekend ended with a bang!

Jake has been busy getting ready for all his Christmas programs! He is in a program this week at church and is one next week at daycare. CRAZY! I can't wait to see how they get him to be still and participate in a Christmas program. So cute!

Greg and I had a little weekend get-a-way in Los Angeles last weekend. Greg had to go for work, so I decided to tag along. I got to do some shopping, eat a couple of really good meals, catch a movie and even get a facial. Kinda nice, huh?!?!

We're so excited about Christmas this year and watching our little man get all his gifts, see his cousins and just enjoy the excitement of the holidays. Jake is just so much fun right now. Last night, Greg and I took him to Wal-Mart and then to eat pizza. Jake was a hoot the entire time. He belly laughs at everything and is SUCH A FLIRT! This is such a fun age.

In work related news, my company had to let go of about 1100 reps last week. I had no idea whether I would have a job on Friday or not, but turns out - I do. I guess God's plan is for me to "sell drugs" a little longer. However, lots of GREAT people got let go, and I'm still upset about that.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks.... (Lauren Lea Photography took most of them)

Jake and his cousin, Jack. I LOVE this picture and the next. These two always have so much fun together.

This is how Jake carries his sippy cup around the house! We like to pretend he's going to soon replace that sippy with a football!
CAUGHT RED-HANDED playing in Roxy's water bowl!

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