Sunday, August 21, 2011

Books, Books and More Books!

Jake LOVES books. He can sit in his room and “read” aloud to himself forever. Of course, he rarely lets me video him, so I only have a few quick videos.

Every night before bed, he’ll gather up at least five books that he wants to read and brings them to me.  The last couple of nights, he’s wanted to sit next to me (not letting me hold him), and he wants to “read” them to me.  Its super cute, but at the same time…sad!  He’s getting so big! Hopefully, he’ll enjoy reading to his little brother or sister too.

Jake reading his Mickey book in his room
Reading at Dr. Laura’s office

Greg and I got to take a quick adult trip this month. Our good friends, Katy and Greg, got some free tickets to the Cardinals game, so they invited us to come up and join them.  We ran into the Woodard’s and their crew, so we had a lot of fun.  Thankfully, grandparents jumped in and kept little man for a long weekend.  We haven’t taken a vacation this year, so these little short trips have been nice. Hopefully, we’ll get a few more in during Razorback season and before #2 arrives!

greg robin cards gamekaty and greg cards game

Our family had a very busy Saturday this weekend. I went to Tammy’s (Greg’s sister) baby shower on Saturday morning in West Little Rock. Tammy is expecting her second son in September, so I am sure our little ones will grow up being best friends! In fact, Greg’s cousin, Amanda, is having her third shortly after, so the Veazey Christmas crowd just got larger by 3! 

While I was at the shower, Greg and Jake cleaned out the garage. As soon as I got home, Jake got up from his nap and we headed back to Little Rock. We took Jake to the splash park down town.  He wasn’t that thrilled with the water, but I think its partly due to the fact that there was a pretty big crowd of bigger kids there. It was also 150 degrees outside and we were all sweating to death.  Afterwards, we went to Kohl’s and Chili’s to eat. Long day – but fun day!


A few new things Jake is doing…

Counting! He doesn’t always get it right, but he loves to count things now.

Singing the Seasame Street Song! Very cute!

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