Thursday, August 4, 2011

LONG Summer

I’ve mentioned on several posts that Greg has been out of town. He left on June 17 for training and has been home on the weekends several times.  Its been a LONG summer with him gone. BUT – he comes home tomorrow night – FOR GOOD!!! 

I’m so thankful he found a new job that he is really excited about, so I hate to complain too much about the training.  Plus, Jake has been such a great kid and, more importantly, a good sleeper!

So, while we’re wrapping up this change, Jake is staring down the barrel at another big change.  He graduates to the 2 year old room in about 6 days at school. Jake LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Dodi.  In fact, as soon as we pull up to the school, he starts saying “hi, Dodi!”   The saving grace is that all his little buddies are going to the new room with him.  We have his “End of Year” party tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post.  I am going to miss her as much as Jake is!

Post pics soon….

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