Thursday, September 8, 2011

And we finally went potty…

We’ve been sitting Jake on the potty at night for a while now. He’ll willingly sit there, but has NEVER actually done anything…well other than pull half a roll of toilet paper off the roll and flush it.

Well, this week he has actually GONE to the potty twice at school.  On Wednesday, they sent home a note that said he had stayed dry for a two hour nap and then went to the potty afterwards – and DID SOMETHING!  We were so proud!  Well, today – Thursday – he did the same thing!  So, we’re hoping this trend continues and becomes more of a regular thing. I’m not holding my breath for a fully potty-trained boy anytime soon, but it sure feels good to have progress.  THANK HEAVEN for Pre-School teachers that work with them!

Last weekend, we took Jake to All Aboard in Little Rock.  It’s a new restaurant that has a train system that brings you your food. Its VERY cute and Jake looooovvved it!  So, while the food wasn’t anything life-changing, Jake’s excitement was! We’ll be back for sure.

all aboardall aboard2

all aboard3


In other news (what could compare to potty breakthroughs??), the Razorbacks are playing in Little Rock this weekend, and we’re headed that way!  We went to Fayetteville last week and about suffered a heat stroke, so we’re looking forward to some cooler weather this go round.  I love football season – and not just the ballgames. I love the weather, the Razorback small talk with strangers and friends alike and drive-time sports!

razorback game

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