Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve and Morning 2011

Seems so strange that this will be our last Christmas as a family of 3!   We came home from a long day in Carlisle to get ready for Santa. Jake set out cookies and eggnog (Greg bought it and no one else will drink it …hence, Santa gets stuck with it).  It was really fun explaining to Jake that Santa would come down the chimney to eat the cookies; and as much as Jake enjoyed that little tale, he wasn’t quite sure why Santa got all the Oreos!  So, being the sucker I am, I let him have one too!  Of course, Papaw and Daddy got a piece of that action too!

santa cookiessanta cookies2

mom jake eli

After reading the 1,000 books he got earlier that day, I finally got Jake to bed. He was anxious to see if Santa was really going to eat those cookies!

All December, he has been telling everyone that Santa is going to bring him donuts and chocolate milk. Easy enough!

donuts and chocolate milk

I was so anxious to see his sweet, little face Christmas morning! Typically, Jake is reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. He likes to lay around and play for a while.  However,  all it took Christmas morning was reminding him that Santa came and he was jumping over me to get out of his room!  And, just as I predicted, he didn’t make it past the donuts and chocolate milk. He told everyone he needed to “eat first.”   By “everyone,” I mean our sweet parents (grandparents to Jake and Eli) that came over for Christmas morning. My parents drove in the night before and Greg’s parents got up really early to be there when Jake woke up!  I know it made his Christmas morning so much more special to have all that attention!  eating donutslooking at presents

Once the donuts were half gone, he was agreeable to checking out the rest of Santa’s loot!

leappad closeupdaddy and jake in the tent2

playing with the trainjake dad train

reading with tag

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