Monday, January 30, 2012

Jake at 2-1/2 years old

I want to be able to document my boys’ milestones on this blog, so that one day – when they are 16 and aren’t interested in hanging out with their mom, I can read this and remember the days they liked to cuddle and thought I was cool!  ha!

Jake turned 2-1/2 this month.  He is such a ball of energy and keeps us on our toes.  He weighs 34 pounds and is getting taller every day.  He wears a 3T in clothes and a 3-4T pull up. He still has a head full of hair that has to be trimmed pretty often. 

jake two and a half

He is a great sleeper and goes to bed every night by 8 pm, sometimes sooner. Most days, I have to wake him around 7 or 7:15 to go to school.  He transitioned to his big boy bed very easily and still loves to play his music each night before he goes to sleep.  We read several books every night and I sing him 3 songs when he lays down.

His favorite foods right now are chicken, pizza, cheese and apples. He HATES corn!!  He still loves his milk and, on occasion, will request juice. He is willing to try most things I put on his plate now and will agree to eat a few bites – just to please his momma!

He is learning so much and loves to show off what he knows. Currently, he loves to tell me that my name is Robin and he likes to spell his and Eli’s name for me.  I taught him what red lights, green lights and yellow lights mean.  I did it one morning on the way to school and NOW he screams “go, go, go” as soon as the light turns.  It can be pretty alarming if you are just relaxing at the red light!   Why I thought this would be good to teach him is beyond me. It has made car rides pretty stressful!!!

He knows all his letters and recognizes them very easily. He has known these for some time now, but has become very quick and accurate. He is learning “little letters” (lower case) now.  He is also learning the sounds of letters.  As for numbers, he can do 1-10 very easily, but after that – he doesn’t recognize the numbers as a double digit number. He just thinks it’s a “one and a two.”  He is fairly accurate when he counts, but often will count things twice, because he hasn’t kept up with where he started.  He also knows shapes VERY well – including octagons and diamonds!

One of the things I am most proud of is his quickness to say “please” and “thank you” when appropriate. He rarely needs to be prompted.  For example, tonight he thought his room was hot, so I turned the fan up. He said, “thank you, momma. That is better.”  *Melt my heart*   He also says “excuse me” if he burps – which I am also proud of, because let’s face it – I will be living with 3 boys – there will be burping!  ha!

Potty training is coming along. He can go #1 pretty easily and without much drama. #2, however, is a different story.  Some days its something he is willing to do. Some days its not.  Oh, well…

All in all, Jake is the funniest, sweetest and most precious 2-1/2 year old I know. I really do believe he is going to be a GREAT big brother (in just 7 days)! I can’t wait to see him teach Eli to play ball, throw rocks, ride a four-wheeler….all the things brothers grow up doing!

jake two and a half hat

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