Monday, July 23, 2012

Dining Room Conversion Underway!

After 4 years in this house, I have really "used" my dining room about 15 times. I LOVE the room, but we just don't get the use out of the space the way I would like. Soooo... We have decide to put the fancy stuff in storage and convert the space to a little mini-den.
I want a sitting area/play area for my boys. I want storage for toys, a place to play trains, and a place for people to hang out during get-togethers. Not to much to ask!
But, I was a little concerned I wouldn't do a good job of making it blend well with the rest of the house and it would look "thrown together!". So, I enlisted Betsy Blankenship's help! She came recommended from an old friend and is helping me figure this thing out! I will post before pictures here and will post the afters when it's all complete!

Progress to date... We have moved everything to storage and packed up the china. We are waiting on Betsy to come take a look and get us started!

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