Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jake Turns 3!!

A few weeks ago, our little guy turned 3.  Jake had a great birthday party surrounded by friends and family at his favorite place- the Cabot Fun Factory. He jumped his little heart out and stuffed himself with pizza and cake.  What else could a boy want???

Jake is a funny 3 year old.  He loves to tell you what’s on his mind !  His teachers at school tell me that he carries on long conversations with them all the time…. his thoughts on Mickey Mouse, his plans for the weekend, what he likes to eat and where….  they know his inside and out!  

Some of his favorite activities--- EATING OUT!  He loves to eat at the Mexican restaurant – and has a favorite one—the “pizza place,” and (of course) Chikfil – or Chicken Play as he calls it.   He loves to go to playgrounds, jump on his trampoline and “go to the condo.”    Jake has a few favorite people too.  Outside of Mommy and Daddy, he adores his grandparents and talks about them ALL THE TIME.  He loves his friends from school and his church friend.  All in all, this boy is surrounded by people who adore him as much as he loves them.

As for what my little smarty pants in learning…  Jake recognizes all his capital and lowercase letters. We’re working hard on knowing what sound they each make so we can start sounding out words.  He can do a few of these, but not many.   He can spell his name and all of his school friends’ names.  Jake can count to 30, knows all his shapes, colors, etc. He learned those around the age of 2.   He knows where he lives,  his mommy’s phone  number and his doctor’s name.  OH- and his doctor – she is also one of his favorite people! (We adore her too!)

Jake’s third year of life was such a blessing. We got to take a family trip to Branson, spent Christmas with our families, brought a little brother home, got out of diapers for good, and took swimming lessons.   He is growing into a fantastic little boy and leaving his toddlerhood behind.  Wonderful and sad all at the same time!    He is full of life, energy and humor.  I anticipate he will grow into an outgoing, caring and very smart young man! 

A few birthday party pics…

birthday signbirthday cake

jake and friends

birthday songblowing out candles

papaw and eligart and gabriel

april and ben


gabriel and angieGabriel and Dadoo

hunter and ashtonopening presents

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