Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful hearts

Thanksgiving 2012.. So much to be thankful for! Happy home, full bellies and healthy babies (kind of- Eli has a double ear infection). But most of all- thankful for God's grace.

We celebrated with Greg's family in Carlisle on Thanksgiving Day. Lots of good food and sweet family! And LOTS of non-stop playing! It can be exhausting while you are there, but when both kids are sound asleep at 7:30- it's well worth it! Big Thanks to Jake's cousins for playing with him ALL DAY LONG! He adores his cousins!

Friday morning, Greg and I headed up the hill to Fayetteville to call the hogs. The boys stayed home with Nana and Dadoo. Good thing... It was COLD!!!! The hogs had a respectable showing and gave LSU a real run for their money.

Spence Thanksgiving pictures to come...

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