Sunday, February 10, 2013

One year old

My sweet Eli,
You turned a year old just a few days ago. It was bitter sweet as we gave up the bottle. I am not sure if you are our last, but your daddy seems to think so! :)

You are so sweet and cuddly,but are a tenacious wrestler with your brother. You are saying daddy, momma, bubba, and try to say "more" a lot. You LOOOVE balls. You like to roll them back and forth. We, obviously, encourage this, because we would love nothing more than seeing you become a great athlete!

You sleep great at night and take good naps when at home. School is a different story! Ha!

You love to eat and will devour any type of fruit. Like your momma, you turn your nose up to most beans or peas. You have mastered the art of eating your brother's left overs.

Your brother is your all time favorite person, but you often give him the "get out of my face" look. I can hardly wait for the days of you both playing outside!

Your not walking yet- but aren't letting that slow you down one bit. If you are like your brother, once you start walking you will never sit still again.

Despite the fact you are starting to become a toddler, you will always be my BABY!

Love you sweet E!

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