Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Australia Part I

Australia has not disappointed. The flight is incredibly long, but well worth the trip. We spent about 36 hours traveling over the great Pacific Ocean, but arrived to a pristine coast off of Northern Australia.

We spent the first four days in Port Douglas. It's a small resort town off the beaten path. We stayed at an incredible resort that allowed each couple to have their own personal villa. OBVIOUSLY, we aren't paying for the trip! :)

This is the pool at the resort. It was perfect!

The beach right in front of our resort was literally UNTOUCHED. I have never seen anything like it. In fact, one resort resident was so intrigued, she decided to just do her yoga on the beach- topless. Greg was more impressed than I was- :).

While in Port Douglas, we had the opportunity to white water raft down the Barron River. Despite my mother's continuous concerns of crocodiles in the river, we saw none. In fact, it was so clean and beautiful. We saw a few birds, but no water wildlife. Our biggest rapid was a 6 foot drop and definitely took our stomachs. All in all- fantastic time!

We also got to experience some incredible food! Kangaroo, baby red claws, etc... All delicious!

We spent one full day at the Great Barrier Reef. That is definitely one of God's most magnificent creations! We got to snorkel and even do a water walk. Basically, we put oxygen helmets on - think Buzz Lightyear- and walk around the bottom. It's scuba for non-scuba divers. Incredible animals and scenery. Not so great boat ride out to the reef- think Perfect Storm. But, well worth the two hours of watching an Asian lady vomit in a barf bag.

While there, Greg's company arranged for us to have a group dinner in the rainforest. Literally- IN the rainforest. It was a giant tent with huge chandeliers and music. We saw a presentation by an aboriginal group and even had a jungle rat run under our table--- NOT my favorite part of the trip.

After a few luxurious days in Port Douglas, we flew to Sydney for the remainder of our trip. More on that to come...
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